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Al Dhafra Printing Press

Al Dhafra Printing Press was established in 1973. Its activity includes printing, publishing and distribution of books. Al Dhafra provides distinguished and high quality printing services for suitable prices to satisfy the customers requirement of publishing and distribution of books and magazines, arrangement of all prints, brochures and all diaries, volumes and calendars. The Establishment offers printing services of books, manuals, leaflets, posters, invoices and other commercial prints. This in addition to many more prints. Al Dhafra is keen to provide high quality printing services for very reasonable prices so as to maintain the success and aspire more successe.

Al Dhafra Printing Press is sub-divided into:

Pre-printing Arrangements Section:

  • Apple Macintosh“Design” PC’s
  • Scanner
  • Image setter
  • Plate maker

Design Section:

To satisfy the consumer’s tastes and develop the selection of the finest and most beautiful designs in drawings, we have a specialized section that makes the finest designs by well experience artistic staff and computer systems.

Reproduction & Printing Preparation:

The Reproduction (Montage) Section is the link between the Design Section and the Electronic Scanning on one side and Printing Section on the other side. This Section is concerned with the Montage and printing of placards that leads to the printing process on the offset and types of art works produced by the Montage and Printing Preparation.

Production & Printing Section:

This Section is managed by 40 skillful workers.

- Printing Machine: The Printing Press is equipped with a number of offset machines supplied by major in the world such as Heidelberg, Roland and Ryobe. These machines are different in size and characteristics. So are in four colours and others are in two colours.

  • Heidelberg speed master 4 colours, max sheet size: 72x102 cm
  • Ryobe 52
  • Pre-printing Machines:
  • Dr. Hell CP-345 scanner
  • Cross Field 646 scanner
  • Image Setter Fruit – Luxed F-9000 size: 70x100 cm

Distribution Section:

Distinguished service in the distribution of newspapers, magazines and books. Specialized technical expertise in market survey, sales promotion and distribution network to ensure the arrival of the issues to the sales outlets and subscription system to serve the subscribers.


Tel: +971 2-448-8400
Fax: +971 2-448-8201
       +971 2-448-8405
e-mail: adpp@ba.ae

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Al Wadha Express

Welcome to Al Wahda Express (AWE). Since 1986, AWE has been a leader in advertising and contact solutions through our flagship products, the Yellow Pages and White Pages directories. While maintaining a leading position in printed directories, the company has rapidly grown into one of the most prolific providers of online advertising and mobile advertising solutions. We are committed to keeping people and business - In Touch, wherever - whenever.

Al Wahda Express has a dynamic, enthusiastic team of more than 700 people in 5 countries, who work in an environment that encourages responsiveness, learning, innovation and success. AWE's strong sense of obligation to both our own employees and customers is reflected in the importance we place on personal and career development and providing exceptional return on investment to our valued advertisers.

View Larger Map Al Wadha Express
3rd Floor, Al Mamzar Business Centre
Al Ittihad Road, Hor Al Anz East
Deira, Dubai
PO. Box: 55184, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 2970297
Fax: +971 4 2971710

Email: info@awe.aeThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it www.awe.ae

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