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Al Manhal International Private School

Manhal School is one of the top schools that teach the curriculum and the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates and is one of the most important private schools that always have the full support, and continuous communication with the Council of Abu Dhabi and the rest of the education schools in the region.

The importance of the school through its role in spreading awareness and educational attainment, and the intellectual community cards and promising young woman and men be able to achieve achievements assigned to it to build a strong and evolving to keep him/her in the forefront at all times.

There is no doubt that behind this unique role stands qualified staff with extensive experience in the fields of education and educational capable of carrying the Secretariat and the performance of the message, always working actively exists to prepare young people properly prepare, premise in the performance of work in education is the teacher, the school enjoyed the presence of the specialized educational, with high efficiency and extensive experience as well.

What distinguishes our school premises integrated and which achieves complete separation between the sections for boys and girls and all the stages and the same services.

While the building is equipped with laboratories for materials science and laboratory for each subject separately from the other, in addition to the laboratory where the material taught computer.

School also hosts seminars, lectures and multi-cultural activities and on the school's theater, through official bodies and personalities of the effectiveness and impact in all areas of life, as this has a significant role in the dissemination of culture and awareness among the younger generation

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Tel: 02-4477208
Fax: 02-4479024
P.O.Box: 3110,Abu Dhabi,UAE
e-mail: info@almanhalschool.ae
Website: almanhalschool.ae